Promoting Archery in Long Beach

Since 1959


Serving Long Beach Archers since 1959

Since 1959 the Long Beach Bowhunters have been promoting archery in the Long Beach area.  We are a charter NFAA, and CBH club located at the archery butt house adjacent to the public bathrooms. 


We focus on training and improving archery skills to help both competitive archers and bowhunters in the southern California area.  We advocate helping young archers get involved and grow the sport in what is the most active archery state in the nation.  


Become a memebr by filling out registration form and paying dues at the club.  Because of insurance requirements, all members must fill out paperwork and pass basic safety orientation before shooting.  



Thursday Night - 4 pm - Park Close* 

Sunday Morning - 9 am - 12 pm



*night closing time varies with season park schedule.